Frequently Asked Questions

Is iPics as free service?
Yes!  Basic iPics is a free service to all subscribers with an "" email account.  Just another exclusive perk of being an I-Land subscriber.   

How much space comes with my iPics album?
Every iPics album comes standard with 10 Mb.  This should provide room for about three hundred "640 X 480" pictures, or about 200 "800x600" pictures, for example. 

Can I get more space?
Let's face it -- some people never put their camera down!  If you have tons of images to catalog and share, we make additional iPics space available in 50mb increments for a nominal fee.  You can purchase an additional 50 MB of iPics space for only $3.00/month or $30/year.

To obtain more iPics storage space, call our Sales Department at 1-800-526-8302 (in Sedalia, call 829-4638).

Will these photos subtract space from my web site, email box, or iBriefcase?
No.  Your iPics space is completely separate from the space associated with other portions of your I-Land account.  iPics won't interfere with email and personal web space.  So you can use all 10mb of your iPics space without effecting your email.

Who can view my photos?
Anyone with an Internet connection (and your photo category password, if you've assigned one) can look at your photos.  Only you, however, can edit your album.  To easily send friends and family to your main iPics page, direct them to "", (where "username" is your username).

Do I need special software to use iPics?
No special software is needed.  iPics has photo uploading abilities built-in.  iPics will also reduce the size (in KB) of your image to create faster downloads for your friends and family.

What kind of pictures can I share?
iPics uses I-Land's Acceptable Use Policy to describe the content of images posted to this site.  I-Land reserves the right to view any image placed on the iPics server.  Click here for the Acceptable Use Policy

If I have a problem with iPics's how can I get support?
Click here for online support form or contact I-land Tech Support 660-829-4638.