Welcome to iPics:  the newest "free extra" from I-Land to our subscribers.  iPics makes it EASY to catalog or share photos - whether it's with friends, family, coworkers, or the world.   
- Share Photos with Friends and Family!
- Post photos for personal online auctions.
- Show the world just how cute your grandbaby is!
Share - Sharing digital photos with friends and family using email can become a tedious, time-consuming task for both the sender and the receiver.  Large photos quickly  overload email accounts.  iPics provides faster, easier, and more efficient alternative.

Organize  - iPics lets you place your images in categories and subcategories.  You might create a category for each of your grandchildren, for example.  

Size - "Standard" digital photos are frequently large files which are slow to download and can fill up more than a single screen - causing problems for those you're sharing photos with.  iPics will automatically size the image for standard screens, providing much quicker downloads and simple viewing.  And if you want to give your viewers the option to see the full, large image, you can do that, too!

Storage - Every I-Land user with an "@iland.net" email address will receive 10mb of iPics storage space - in addition to the space you always had access to for email and web pages.  Need even more space?  We can provide an additional 50mb of iPics space (60mb total) for just $3.00/mo (or $30/yr).

Questions? - Be sure to check out the FAQ's for more information on iPics!  If you need technical help, click here for online support form or contact I-land Tech Support 660-829-4638.